Solvionic is an SME specialized in the design, synthesis, production and commercialization of Ionic Liquids (ILs) from lab scale to industrial scale. Our current production capacity is around 150 kg / month and is planned to grow up to 4T / month in 2021, as a first step to follow our customers development roadmap. The main market of Solvionic is that of electrochemical devices, and particularly, electrochemical energy storage systems of new generation. Our production facilities and strategy allow fast and reliable scale-up of our products, to commit with industrial needs. Our quality control procedures that were specifically developed for ILs products since 2003 are Solvionic key know-how that allows the commercialisation of the highest purity standard of the market. Solvionic is also expert in the research and development of new materials and processes based on the use of ILs. Our main R&D activity is devoted to the development of the next generation electrochemical energy storage systems based on the use of ILs as well as the development of ILs based processes.


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