Plastigram Industries a.s

Plastigram Industries a.s. (PLA) was established in 2014 (under the name Saperatec until end of  2015), and aims to develop, build and operate factories for recycling difficult-to-process plastic wastes, such as multi-layer packaging materials, that must be incinerated or landfilled today. To achieve this goal PLA works closely with scientific institutions, e.g., the Czech Academy of Sciences. More specifically, PLA has developed and tested on industrial scale a technology for recycling the remains of used beverage cartons (UBC, e.g., Tetra Pak) after paper recycling. At the moment, used beverage cartons are usually recycled in paper mills that only recover the paper component. The remaining polyethylene and aluminum (“polyal”) is typically incinerated (or landfilled). Our process allows for recovery of plastics (LDPE regranulate and HDPE regrind) and aluminum (powder). At the moment we are finishing construction of the first industrial scale line using this technology.


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