Mikrolin Hungary Termelo ES Szolgaltato KFT

Mikrolin was established byaHungarian individual. From the first steps the company has become a market leader in CEE in its market segment.  Mikrolin is a plastic recycler company making final products from various plastic waste. The technology is suitable for lightly contaminated plastic waste stream too. The company has its own small plastic lab with the basic equipment needed in the everyday life of a recycler. The company structure is lean, from the 20 employees most of the work in the production. Next to production we do have limited time for R&D. The R&D activities are usually on-site activities. These activities can help a lot of R&D institutes to prove the lab results in real life. The basic concept usually is to prove the upscaling into production. The basic plastic procedures are given, and we do have trained employees to work with. Mikrolin can also make granulates out of waste which can be considered as a secondary raw material for plastic converters. During the project Mikrolin can evaluate the “goodness” of the recovered material. Mikrolin is an active partner in Horizon 2020 projects throughout Europe where Mikrolin can capitalize its onsite experience in plastic recycling. We are validated by EC as SME in the Participants Portal


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