iPM² – International Project Management, Plating and Materials

International Project Management, Plating and Materials (IPM²) is an independent organization founded in 2000, with specialists collaborating in its activity, for promotion of the surface treatment industry SMEs and its National Association, and more widely for the materials sectors into research projects with other European partners, collaboration, both technical and management, into day to day project coordination. Dissemination and exploitation of project results, as well as intellectual property management and project management, are specialist areas of expertise.

iPM2 has 20 years’ experience of participating in EU and national projects and decades of technical and scientific expertise. It has managed, or was involved in, various RTD projects in different areas and under different schemes: Thematic Network on Liquid Effluents, Chrome replacement Growth-IMS and Collective projects, Research for SMEs, Large collaborative projects, Coordination actions, ETI…

iPM2 and/or its founders have participated in/coordinated/managed up to 15 EU-projects. The company also participates in projects in the framework of National Research Programs (ANR).

The company has a broad list of networks and contacts, activated yearly during workshops organized throughout the world for FP5 ILE Thematic Network and ECOCHROM projects, both under IMS scheme (Ecochrom has been awarded for its coordination by IMS Chair at the November 2009 Geneva IMS Event), and especially jointly with the REWAS, VARIREI, ASETS DEFENSE (former HCAT) Conferences and its partners on Recycling and Waste. iPM2 is also directly linked to the French plating Association, UITS, the CETS European Committee of Surface Treatment, and to many major metal finishing companies in France, as well as large industrial customers of the sector.

Today, iPM2 is directly involved in the future topics related to its area of expertise, being co-chair of CET, the Clean Environmental Technologies Platform, a sub-platform of Manufacture, and also a former Member of the EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association), and of the Roadmap Support Group of IMS2020.


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