Interview of Pauline Rullière (Solvionic)

  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself ?
Pauline Rullière is an expert in the development of new molecules with applications at the interface of organic chemistry. She has worked in international academic and industrial laboratories in the USA, Switzerland and Canada. After a PhD thesis on the synthesis of natural anti-cancer molecules, she specialized in the development of “green chemistry” synthesis methods transferable to industry. She joined Solvionic in September 2020 with the objective of developing new classes of molecules and materials to increase the performance of electrolytes marketed by Solvionic. Among several other collaborative, H2020 and Horizon Europe projects, she is in charge of the SOLREC2 project for Solvionic partner.

  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself ?
SOLVIONIC is an international leader for the industrial development and scale-up of ionic liquids (IL) solvents or materials for various applications. Within SOLREC2 project, our team will develop new IL solution as greener solvents for multilayered polymer packaging delamination. We will take part to the design of the chemistry behind the solvent while always taking into account environmental impact of the whole cycle of our innovative IL solvent: from production to end-user as well to recycling. Due to our expertise in the industrialization of innovative IL chemicals, our role is also to ensure that this greener solvent innovation will successfully be able to be scaled-up at an industrial level later on.
Although Solvionic is nowadays predominantly involved in projects using IL for next-generation energy storage, SOLREC2 allows us to keep insights into the use of IL as innovative green solvents in a key sustainable area, namely “plastics recycling” for a greener future.

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